Invalid File or Invalid Content in File error when importing with the Elementor Import Feature

If you recently bought an Elementor Template Kit from Themeforest and you’re seeing an “Invalid File” error when trying to import it, don’t worry! This is a common issue, and there’s a simple solution. Below, you’ll discover why the error happens and how to properly import your kit.

Understanding the Error

The “Invalid File” error typically appears when you attempt to import a Template Kit directly using the default Elementor Importer (accessible via the Elementor Menu under Templates -> Import Templates). The “Invalid File” error occurs because the Elementor importer expects individual .json files. Themeforest kits are often packaged as a .zip file containing multiple templates and settings.

Invalid File when importing Envato or Themeforest Elementor Template Kit

Fix Invalid File Error:

  • Download the purchased Elementor Template Kit from Themeforest. It will arrive as a .zip file.
  • Extract the contents of the .zip file. You’ll find a collection of .json files and possibly other folders.
  • Use the Elementor importer (Templates -> Import Templates) to import individual .json files for troubleshooting.

Correct Elementor Template Kit Import Method:

It’s crucial to note that importing .json files directly is primarily recommended for troubleshooting purposes. For a seamless installation process, including setting up necessary plugins and ensuring compatibility, it’s advisable to follow the comprehensive guide available at: Install Elementor template kit with required settings.

Envato’s Official Documentation:

If you purchased the Elementor template kit from Themeforest/Envato Marketplace, you do not need an Envato Elements subscription.

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